Finding The Best Rain Shower Head For Your Shower

ditch-that-terrible-old-shower-head-and-get-the-best-rain-shower-headDo you have a shower head that leaves you less than satisfied at the end of your shower? Perhaps a small little nozzle that shoots about 3 or 4 little streams of water that hit one part of your body, leaving the rest of your body untouched and cold?

…One that should have about 50 mini-sprays, but less than half of them actually spray out any water because they’re covered up with “gunk” and calcium?

…Or, a shower head that should provide a wide amount of coverage but just trickles out with almost no pressure?

If you said yes to any of those, or anything like it, it’s time you scrap that old shower head for one that provides you the luxurious, relaxing, spa-like shower you deserve!

Today’s best rain shower heads on the market will do just that. You can have feelings of rejuvenation and relaxation while standing under generous streams of water that cover your entire body, falling down gently from above like drops of rain.

Sound to good to be true? …It’s not, with the best rain shower heads you can choose from today.

The Best Rain Shower Heads Available

I’ve compared the best rain shower heads available and divided them into 3 separate comparison charts below, based on quality: 1)Basic, 2)Mid-Range, and 3)Luxury…

Basic Rain Shower Heads:

Vida Alegria Rainforest Shower Head - This model has many great reviews and provides exceptional value for the price14 inch x 8 inch rectangular$5.0
Artbath 12 inch Square Rainfall Shower Head - wall or ceiling mounted, stainless steel construction with chrome finish, slim 2mm thickness design12 inch square$5.0
Aquafaucet 10 inch Square Ceiling Mount Rainfall Shower Head - wall or ceiling mounted, stainless steel construction10 inch square$5.0
HotelSpa 10" LED-Lit Rainfall Shower Head with 15" Adjustable Arm - arm and fittings are made of ABS (plastic) and chrome coated, LED light changes color with the temperature of the water10 inch round$3.6

Mid-Range Rain Shower Heads:

Kohler K-13692-BN Round Rain Shower Head - ceiling or wall mounted, available in 6 finishes, spray nozzles and surface resistant to mineral buildup8 inch round$$$5.0
Hansgrohe Raindance 240 Air Shower Head - wall mounted, high-quality solid brass construction, air injection into each water droplet10 inch x 6 inch rectangle$$$5.0
Moen S6360EPBN Eco-Performance Single-Function Rainshower Shower Head with Immersion Technology8 inch square$$$4.4
Delta 57740-SS Raincan Shower Hand - wall mounted, comes with shower arm, sleek geometric design8 inch square$$$4.4

Luxury Rain Shower Heads:

Hansgrohe Raindance 180 Air Shower Head - ceiling mounted, high-quality solid brass construction, air injection into each water droplet7 inch round$$$$5.0
Kohler K-13692-BN Round Rain Shower Head - ceiling mounted, available in 5 finishes, extra large head provides maximum coverage, nozzles and surface resistant to mineral buildup12 inch round$$$$5.0
Atlantis 9 Oil-Rubbed Bronze Rain Shower System - includes solid brass valve, adjustable hand held, hose, and slide bar (not only shower head, everything you need included)10 inch round$$$$4.2
Hansgrohe Raindance E420 Air 2-Jet Shower Head with Arm - wall mounted, *requires two supply lines, *requires iBox Universal Plus Rough 01850181 for behind-the-wall installation (sold separately), available in 3 finishes17 inch x 8 1/2 inch rectangular$$$$$5.0
Hansgrohe PuraVida 400 Shower Head with Ceiling Mount - high-quality solid brass construction, air-injection technology creates droplets that feel like real rain, includes 4 inch ceiling mount arm15 inch x 10 inch$$$$$4.8


What Is A Rainfall Shower Head?

A rainfall shower head (also known as rainshower head, or rain shower head) is a shower head that is larger in size than the average shower head, allowing for more spray holes that provide a wider area of coverage on your body when showering. Also, they typically emit a more gentle flow of water than traditional shower heads, mimicking the feel of rain falling softly from the sky.

Some higher-end models have a pulse mechanism or air-injection system that cause the water spray to form into droplets, more closely resembling actual rain. And even higher-end models offer features including pulsating massage jets, LED lights, and high-flow or water-saving modes.

The majority of rain shower head models are designed to replace your existing shower head protruding from the wall of your shower (most common). These require little DIY experience, needing only to unscrew the existing shower head, apply some new teflon thread tape, and then screw on the new rainfall shower hear. Some rain shower heads¬†are ceiling-mounted designs that aim straight down, providing a more realistic rain experience…These connect to plumbing coming down from the ceiling, which isn’t very common, and would require a plumber or mid/high level of DIY experience to complete.

As far as design goes, you’ll find a wide variety of shapes (circular, square, etc), sizes, sleek vs. rustic, and available in all of your typical finishes like chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and stainless steel.

Here, in the video below, is just one example of the many types of rain shower heads you can purchase today.

The rainshower head shown in the video above, the Moen S6345 Square Velocity, can be found here on Amazon.


The Benefits Of Rain Shower Heads

Which Rain Shower Head Is Best For Me?

In short, it’s impossible to say which is “best” for your specific situation, since there are so many variables to keep in mind. But, here are some points to consider that will help you make the decision of which one is best for you:

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