Your Guide To The Best Luxury Shower Heads

When you’re updating or renovating your bathroom, with a goal of creating a more relaxing spa-like atmosphere, of all the changes you’ll make, nothing else makes more of a difference than a really nice luxury shower head.

Luxury Shower Head and waterfall of waterWe take a shower every day, and that time can set the tone for the rest of your day…so it’s worth investing in a high quality shower head that will leave you refreshed & satisfied afterward.

As a professional home contractor, I helped many clients with the process of choosing the right fixtures for their bathroom renovations, when they didn’t know where to even begin. So, I know how overwhelming it can be to sort through the endless options of shower heads…and I want to help you find the perfect luxury shower head as well.

Here are some factors and personal preferences to consider before buying that will help you determine the right luxury shower head for you:

Artbath 12 inch Square Rainfall Shower Head12 inch square$5.0
Aquafaucet 10 inch Square Ceiling Mount Rainfall Shower Head10 inch square$5.0
Hansgrohe Raindance 240 Air Shower Head10 inch x 6 inch$$$5.0
Delta 57740-SS Raincan Shower Head8 inch square$$$4.4
Moen S6360EPBN Eco-Performance Rainshower Head8 inch round$$$4.6
Hansgrohe Raindance 180 Air Shower Head7 inch round$$$$5.0
Kohler K-13690-SN Contemporary Rain Head12 inch round$$$$5.0
Atlantis 9 Oil-Rubbed Bronze Rain Shower System10 inch round$$$$4.2
Hansgrohe Raindance E420 Air 2-Jet Shower Head with Arm17 inch x 8 1/2 inch$$$$$5.0
Hansgrohe PuraVida 400 Shower Head with Ceiling Mount15 inch x 10 inch$$$$$4.8



Various Luxury Shower Head Features, Continued:


Let’s cover some details on a few of the topics mentioned in the bullet points of factors above…


Rainfall Shower Head?

One of the most popular types of shower heads today is the rainfall shower head, or rain shower head, which disperse a much wider area of water out of the shower head, with a softer, gentler flow of water in each droplet, providing a feeling of standing in the rain or under a small waterfall.

Many of these do a great job at providing that luxurious shower experience. If you’re unfamiliar with rainfall shower heads and want a more in-depth look at them particularly, we have a thorough Rainfall Shower Head Buyer’s Guide here on TileShowerDIY.

This video below shows just one example of the numerous types of rain shower heads available for you to purchase today.

The rainshower head shown in this video is the Moen S6345 Square Velocity, and you can find it here on Amazon.


Ceiling or Wall Mounted?

While the majority of shower heads mount to the shower arm protruding from the wall, as mentioned briefly in the bullet points above, you can find many models today that are ceiling mounted.

Having the shower head mounted on the ceiling simply enhances that rainfall effect that is so popular today, with the water falling down onto you from directly above.

If your current shower only has a shower head on the wall, and you’re not planning on doing any re-plumbing (either yourself or hiring a plumber) to extend the water supply from the shower valve up into the ceiling, then you will want to stick to looking at only the shower heads that are wall-mounted (don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty to choose from!).

However, if you’re completely renovating the shower, starting from scratch, or will have access into the walls and ceiling for whatever reason, you can easily extend an extra water supply line up from the shower mixer valve in the wall, up into the ceiling, and then protruding down through the ceiling for connection after the ceiling is finished and ready for the shower head to be mounted.


LED Lights

Overhead Shower Head with LED lightsIf the budget allows, and you want a feature in the shower that is truly stunning and impressive, a shower head with built in LED lighting will do just that. While it won’t make a big difference in the feel of the water itself, it definitely can add to that spa-like ambience.

One of my favorite models with LED lights is the giant 24″ x 24″ square ceiling mounted shower head by Juno Showers, which I review in this post & video here on TileShowerDIY, and it even changes color as the temperature of the water changes!

…Necessary? No. But impressive and eye-catching if that’s what you want!


Handheld Shower Wands

Some people find it nice to have a handheld wand in their shower, perhaps for reaching behind the back or under the armpits and such…and they can be very helpful for someone handicapped who can’t stand directly under the overhead shower.

Whatever the case, if you would like a shower head that comes with a handheld shower wand, you’ll find a few of those in our list above, and have plenty to choose from on this product page on Amazon as well.

If you want to choose from others and learn more about this kind of shower head, check out the Combination Rain Shower Heads & Handheld Wands Buyer’s Guide here on TileShowerDIY.

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