My Latest Tile Shower Creation…

Fiberglass-Tub-Shower-Repair-KitHave you ever stepped into one of those dingy, creaky, mildew stained fiberglass showers, and just felt your skin crawl as you were supposedly getting clean under the water?

I know I have. Having the experience that I do in creating custom tile showers for customers, I know the amazing, relaxing spa-like feel of a custom tile shower shower. And I can tell you, assuredly, that’s NOT the feeling you get stepping into your old fiberglass shower (or tub shower combo)!

…Well, I bring this up because my latest experience with an old fiberglass shower like this was at my own parents’ hunting lodge. They have a lodge/cabin they use to host elk hunts for high-end elk hunting clients. But the shower was a little 3 foot by 3 foot fiberglass unit that had the floor cracked out of because the person who installed it placed it over a 1 foot square hole where the drain pipes are (without filling it with sand or dry pack cement) and had no under support there.

So, I talked my parents into having me install a brand new tile shower for them to help give the lodge an even more luxurious getaway feel. AND, you know what other ingenious idea I got!?

…I realized this project was the perfect case for me to show you what you can do in a couple of weekends with your own home “Weekend Warrior” tile shower project! The project only took me about 4 days from start to finish, and it turned out fantastic! I used slate and slate imitation porcelain tiles to go along with that lodge look.

The ugly, cracked fiberglass shower before:

Cabin Fiberglas Shower Before

…And the “Soon To Be Tiled Shower” with Kerdi waterproofing membrane applied:

Tile Shower With Schluter Kerdi Membrane

The new shower tiled, but not yet grouted:

finished tile

Coming up soon, I’ll be releasing my new, updated, revised ultimate tile shower guide called “The Weekend Warrior’s Guide To Tile Showers“, available on Amazon (SOON! Hold your horses!), and I’ll be using this project in my examples and explanations that will help you install your own tile shower in your house.

Is that what you’re looking for information about, helping you create the tile shower of your dreams, all in a couple of weekends? If so, let me know the main things holding you back, or your biggest questions. Just leave it in the comments section below. I’d love to know your biggest hurdles, write some blog posts or make some videos to help you with those, and include them in my new guide!

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